Double disc grinding

High performance DIA & CBN double disc grinding wheels for face and finegrinding

High performance DIA & CBN double disc grinding wheels for face and finegrinding Krebs & Riedel has many years of experience and references in double disc grinding. We offer tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications, machines and workpieces in the area of face and finegrinding. Krebs & Riedel manufactures double disc grinding wheels up to 1500 mm outer diameter made of DIA and CBN in vitrified bond for the effective creation of flat surfaces with a high surface quality and shape tolerance for a wide range of different materials. The range includes grinding tools in different segmentation for single and double disc grinding machines with and without planetary kinematics. Compared to other systems, the vitrified bond system by Krebs & Riedel allows the production of very free cutting and porous coating structures. This results in a significant increase in productivity.

Double disc grinding wheel

Our ceramic bonding system allows the production of very sharp and porous coating structures. This allows a significant increase in productivity, as well as the finest surfaces for metal, ceramics and plastics.

Our bonding systems are extremely effective in machining a wide variety of ceramics, cast materials, sintered metals, hardened steels and hard metal products. E.g. sealing discs, valve plates, pump rings and housings, roller bearing rings, knives and carbide cutting tools. High stock removal rates and tool life for rolling bearing steel such as 100Cr6 characterize our specifications. In addition to an intensive process analysis, we supply you with double disc grinding wheels and sharpening rings that are adapted to your production processes and tailored to your requirements.

Your advantages

  • Many years of experience and strong references
  • Bespoke solutions with quality tools
  • Pellet dimensions possible from 12 to 30mm
  • Solutions for roughing applications with high stock removal rates
  • Pre- and finish-grinding with one machine concept
  • Customer service and application support worldwide
  • Fast delivery times and flexibility
  • All products are „Made in Germany“
  • Highest precision and excellent tool life
  • Finest workpiece surface qualities
  • Disc diameters up to 1500 mm
  • Continuous development of specifications

Our service

  • Selection of the optimal specification
  • Pre-tests with own laboratory machine minimizes risk
  • Production of customer specific grinding tool type
  • Recommendation of the appropriate dressing strategy
  • Recommendation for appropriate process parameters
  • Recommendation for appropriate cooling lubricants
  • Coordination & solution for the specific application
  • Dilligent process documentation
  • Continuous optimisation
  • Application-oriented user training
  • Repair of segments / replacement
  • Recoating of the double disc grinding wheel base bodies
  • Close cooperation double disc machine manufacturers

Customer specific grinding wheel layouts

The grain size of the DIA and CBN bond systems used is adapted to the application as well as the required surface quality. Workpiece-specific and flexible double disc grinding wheel layouts, optionally with edge protection or gap filling and wear-resistant bonds with suitable sharpening technology.

Double disc grinding wheel segments
Double disc grinding wheel segments
Double disc grinding wheel segments
Double disc grinding wheel segments

Risk minimisation through preliminary tests at our own test site

  • Double disc grinding test on request
  • Sample components: 2mm to 50mm, maximum 20mm high
  • Solutions for both oil & water based coolants
  • Better performance predictions possible
  • High accuracy machine, stable wheel bearing
  • Risk minimization through pre-testing with sample components
  • Better performance predictions possible
  • Double side face grinding with planetary kinematics
  • Machine for pre-tests and quick tests
  • Single side operation possible (quick test)
  • Workpiece holder max. D120 mm
  • Working wheels Ø 356/156 mm (ring width 100 mm)
  • Speeds top and bottom 400/min infinitely variable
  • Power of both drives 3kW
  • Contact pressure max. 250daN
  • Working area encapsulated

Equipment for all common double disc grinding machines.
In addition to the classic machine concepts with planetary kinematics,
we also supply for through-feed grinding:

Single disc concepts: Linear
Double disc concepts: Horizontal, vertical and linear.

Workpiece examples and references

Double disc grinding: Sleeves
Sleeve 24 x 28mm
Double disc grinding: Inserts
Insert 14 x 14 x 7
Double disc grinding: Ceramic workpieces
Ceramic workpieces
Double disc grinding: Cutting plates
Cutting plate 9 x 9 x 2mm
Double disc grinding: Bearings
Bearings 23 x 7mm
Double disc grinding: Sliding plates
Sliding plate 300 x 220 x 8
Double disc grinding: Valves
Valves 20 x 7mm
Double disc grinding: Control plates
Control plate 160 x 2mm
Double disc grinding: Spring washers
Spring washer 60 x 4mm
Double disc grinding: Pliers
Pliers 52 x 26 x 2mm
Double disc grinding: Sealing washers
Sealing washer 160 x 2mm
Double disc grinding: Gears
Gears 14 x 3mm
Double disc grinding: Spacer tubes
Spacer tube 45 x 18mm
Double disc grinding: Bearing rings
Bearing rings 130 x 24mm
Double disc grinding: Roller bearing rings
Roller bearing rings 160 x 26mm
Double disc grinding: Gear rings
Gear rings 32 x 7mm

One system for tailored solutions

In addition to an intensive process analysis, we supply you with grinding, dressing and sharpening tools that are tailored to your production processes and your requirements.

  • AL2O3 white, AL2O3 pink and SiC
  • From 100 mm to 600 mm ring diameter
  • Grain sizes from 80 to 600 mesh
  • Fast delivery from stock possible
  • Two layer design as an option