Disc grinding

Super-hardened, ceramic-bonded
disc grinding wheels

KREBS & RIEDEL produces modern disc grinding wheels with an outer diameter of 400 to 1200 mm, made of diamond and CBN with ceramic bonding, to efficiently create flat surfaces of high quality and tolerance for a multitude of different materials.

Our range includes grinding tools with various segmentation and pelletising properties for single-disc machines and double-disc machines with or without planetary kinematics. The tools are made exclusively with ceramic bonding. This bond system allows the production of very easy cutting and porous surface structures in comparison to other bond systems. This makes it possible to achieve a considerable increase in productivity with better cost-effectiveness in most cases. This bond has proven to deliver excellent performance especially in the processing of a wide range of different ceramics, cast materials, sintered metals, tempered steels and carbide products.


Typical workpieces that can be processed include:

» Gaskets
» Valve plates
» Pump rings and casings
» Roller bearing rings
» Cutting wheels

We will be happy to advise you!

One important advantage of these ceramic tools is that they are easier to dress and sharpen. KREBS & RIEDEL provides custom-made sharpening specifications developed in-house from conventional abrasives or even diamond. The corresponding carrier wheels can also be completed upon request.